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Electric Garage Door Openers

Electric garage door openers come in a range of models, there is a system for virtually every preference and pocket.

Openers are supplied with two remote controls and can be operated from inside and outside of your garage (distances vary).

On a cold and wet day one of the last things you want to do is leave the warmth and comfort of your car to open the garage door.

With a garage door remote control system, you can open the door by remote control, drive into a well-lit garage and close the door behind you - all from the comfort of your car.

An in-built light on the back of the unit on all models automatically switches on as the door opens and switches off after approximately 3 minutes as well as system memory for the time taken to open and close the door which then ensures a softer start and stop to the movement (so there's less door slam).

A built in safety mechanism means that the garage door stops and returns upwards if it meets an obstruction, such as a child, pet or car. This sensitivity adjusts automatically to the wear of the garage door so it doesn't require resetting once installed.

Up to 10 years guarantee available on all doors