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Alchemy Garage Doors

Designed for garages where frequent access is required to store and retrieve larger items like bicycles or garden tools, side hinged garage doors open outwards and are manufactured with either a 50/50 split or 1/3 to 2/3.

Our side hinged garage doors have been engineered with an intuitively simple and easy-to-use design. A lever handle is used to operate the door and both door leafs open outwards providing clear and unrestricted space within the garage. A great solution for garages where access to wall space or utility boxes is required near the door entrance

Choose from an extensive selection of standard and made-to-measure door sizes. Three different materials are on offer to suit your garage’s individual requirements, these are: steel, timber or grp (glass reinforced polyester). Each material comes in a variety of designs and colours to suit your individual style.

Steel side hinged doors are factory finished in white as standard, with a choice of 17 optional colours. Timber side hinged doors are supplied with a base stain as standard, with the option of a selection of stain finishes.


A Selection of
Side Hinged Garage Doors

Contact us direct to discuss your specific requirements. We have a range of styles and finishes to complement your home and property.

Download a brochure for more information and full range of Side Hinged Garage Doors available to supply and fit.

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Alternative Garage Door Styles & Services

We are the only registered Garador installers in North Devon and West Somerset, ensuring that all doors are fitted to a standard that we would expect on our own home.